Event Registration e Information

Event format

The Sprint event will be draft legal, and the Standard will be draft ilegal.


The main venue will be Niemeyer Center, https://www.centroniemeyer.es

You can find the location here, https://g.page/centro-niemeyer-asturias?share

You can find the courses on https://aviles.triathlon.org/


The following services will be available at the Niemeyer Center:

  • Info point.
  • Recovery Area.
  • Merchandising store.
  • Lost and found.
  • Bike mechanical service.

The following activities will take place at the city center:

  • Medal ceremonies.

What I will receive at the registration?

At the registration, you need to show your Passport or ID, and after data verification, you will receive:

  • Wristband
  • Welcome package (only 1, in case you register for two events)

Aditional, you will receive an envelope that includes:

  • Bib number
  • Stickers: helmet (x3), bike (x1), cloakroom (x1)
  • Tattoo (x1), with the race number for the right arm
  • Tattoo (x1), with the race number for the left leg
  • Tattoo (x1), with the age group category for the calf

When registration will be opened?

Registration will be opened:

  • Thursday, from 17:00 to 20:00.
  • Friday,frome 10:00 to 17:00.
  • Saturday (only Age Group Standard), from 10:00 to 14:00.

If I am a Finisher, will I receive any aditional gift?

All the finisher athletes will receive a “finisher” medal and a “finisher” t-shirt; both gifts will be different for sprint and standard races.

Medal engraving

Commemorate your achievement! Engrave your FINISHER time on your medal! You can book this service online, (details will come by september) and pay 10€. Or also, when you have crossed the Finish Line go to the Recovery Area and pay 15€.

How do I register?

All the registration process will go through the National Federations. Please contact your National Federation for more details. Find your national federation.

What is the registration deadline?

Athletes must be entered in the World Triathlon system by their National Federation before the 6th of October.

Who can our NF contact for assistance with the registration process?

The contact for all the registration process, is the Spanish Triathlon Federation juancarlos.diez@triatlon.org

In case an athlete is not able to get in touch with his/her National Federation, he/she should contact agegroup@triathlon.org

What are the entry fees?

Age Group Sprint €180
Age Group Standard €200

Both Sprint and Standard €350
Elite and U23 €150
Junior and ParaTriathlon €135

Travel Information

Closest Airport

Oviedo / Asturias International Airport (OVD)
15 km from Avilés city center

Local Transportation

Araceli García
BCD Meetings and Events

Host Hotel

Araceli García
BCD Meetings and Events


Concept paper v26.09


The event will follow the latest published Prevention guidelines for Event Organizers for COVID-19 of the World Triathlon.

Also, the event, is under the regulations of the Regional Government of Principado de Asturias, that is the authority with competences in terms of health https://coronavirus.asturias.es/inicio

Procedures to enter in Spain

  1. For ALL travelers: The Government of Spain has implemented a series of measures to protect the general public’s health, including health control of passengers upon arrival in Spain. From this website you can fill out the health control form and obtain your QR Code, to show it at the checking points in the airport before to flight to Spain, https://www.spth.gob.es/. By default, this page is in Spanish but you can select French, English or German by clicking in the box “Elija Idioma”.
  2. Restrictions may change quickly, so you need to check the restrictions from your country to enter in Spain. The event is considered “High level event” for the Spanish Government. All people vaccinated will be able to enter in Spain, despite the restrictions in place in each moment.

COVID Coordinator: For any question related with COVID restrictions and travel details please contact Alicia Garcia alicia.garcia@triatlon.org



Avilés “Local Organizing Committee (LOC)” uses the WHO risk assessment and risk prevention checklist for “mass gatherings” in the framework of the covid-19 document to design the event.

The organization is implementing its activities to comply with local health authority protocols and minimize the risk of pandemic spread, keeping participants and the public safe and healthy.

A careful management of the schedule and access times of the participants will be implemented to access the competition areas with an adequate social distancing and an immediate exit once finished. The waiting areas will be restricted and controlled by volunteers or security personnel.

Data collection systems (addresses – Phone – Mail) will be used to manage the contacts of everyone involved in the event. This includes athletes, technical officials, coaches, volunteers, staff, authorities. This would ensure that we can trace back to the people potentially involved if a suspicious case is identified. If confirmed, the protocol established at the moment by the health authorities will be executed.



Athletes must continuously monitor their health status (including temperature detection and monitoring of any symptoms) from 14 days before and during the event.

For information about travelling to Spain, see the “TRAVEL” chapter of this guide.

Temperature check will be carried out every day at the entrance of the venue.

Temperature higher than 37.5°C will be reported to the Medical Director and Medical Staff of the event.

A health coordinator will be appointed within the medical team. He will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring compliance and enforcement of health safety regulations.

Registration procedure: Athletes, coaches, and technical officials, will follow World Triathlon procedures. Volunteers, staff, media, and authorities, will be registered online through a specific application.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19, the World Triathlon Medical Committee has made the following measures mandatory for this event :

  • All athletes, coaches, technical officials, volunteers, staff, media must follow the requirements to enter the host country.
  • All Elite/U23, Juniors, Youth, Para triathletes and guides (including Spanish athletes) must fill in the online pre-event questionnaire through their Triathlon.org member account.
  • All Elite/U23, Juniors, Youth, Para triathletes and guides (including Spanish athletes) must perform an Antigenic pre-race test at the arrival in the hosting city. In case of a positive result, a PCR swab test must follow. Time and place for these tests will be determined by the LOC. For the youth and junior athletes, a parent consensus form is required.
  • No specific measures are required for Age-Group and NF support staff.
  • We will continue to respect the decision/rules of the local public health of the host country.
  • All the specific measures can be found in the table below:


  Pre-event questionnaire COVID-19 test before travelling COVID-19 test at event Daily Health screening
Elite athletes Yes, only if stand-alone event Follow requirements to enter the host country.


Yes, only if stand-alone event Yes
U23 athletes Yes
Junior athletes Yes
Youth athletes Yes
Paratriathlon athletes / Personal handlers / guides Yes
AG athletes Follow
public health request
public health request
Coaches/team medical/support
NF personnel
public health request
public health request
TDs / ITOs / NTOs / Competition Jury Follow
public health request
public health request
IF Staff / Continental Federation Delegation Follow
public health request
LOC / Contractors Follow
public health request
public health request
ParaTriathlon Swim exit assistants Follow
public health request
public health request



In general close contact will be considered any person that has been in the same place as a case, at a distance of less than 2 meters and for more than 15 minutes.

In case of symptoms, stay alone, and call 112.



Spanish laws establish that the use of a mask is mandatory for everyone except, for the athletes during the competition. The use of rubber gloves is not mandatory.



During the event, if a Suspicious Case is identified:

  • A surgical mask will be provided;
  • That person will be taken to the Isolation Tent at the venue, by a staff member;
  • The Doctor in charge of the Isolation Tent will call the City Health Service TELEPHONE and follow the given procedure;
  • The Isolation Tent will be provided with an exclusive bathroom, sealed water and food, surgical masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol solution wipes.

The definition of suspicious case in Spain is anyone with a clinical picture of sudden-onset acute respiratory infection of any severity that includes, among others, fever, cough, or a sensation of shortness of breath.



Official information will be announced in the Athletes Guide



In addition to the cleaning and sanitization measures already in place in common workplaces, further cleaning and sanitization of surfaces that most commonly come into direct contact with people are planned.

In specific entrance areas, products (disinfectant and paper) are supplied to perform self-sanitization of vehicles and workstations.




Official information will be announced in the Athletes Guide


Official information will be announced in the Athletes Guide


At World Triathlon events, all coaches’ presential briefings are cancelled. The briefing will be online and recordings will be made available.

The athletes’ briefing is not mandatory.

All information about the race will be provided through the World Triathlon website.

Special rules for the race:

  • The online briefing will be held on a date and time consistent with the World Triathlon Competition Rules and will take place online through the Zoom platform.
  • Participants will attend the TD presentation and can contribute questions or feedback through the online Q&A function. If people cannot attend the session in real time, the presentation will be recorded and published on the World Triathlon website for later viewing.
  • There are no penalties for those who arrive late or miss the online briefing.
  • The event briefing will be available on the event’s website.
  • The TD will be available for any clarifications: Bex Stubbing (stubbings@hotmail.com).


The athlete must pick up the race pack in person at the venue. The schedule will be communicated in the week of the event.


  • Escorted bike course familiarizations will be available only for Elite and Para Triathletes
  • Official training is not planned.



TRANSITION AREA: Bike racks will be horizontal, and the distance between them will be 1 meter.

RUN AID STATIONS: Only water will be provided at the aid stations. Volunteers will distribute the water to the athletes as usual. Volunteers will wear face masks and sanitation of hands regularly.

PENALTY BOX: It will be organised in such a way as to ensure social distancing.

FINISH AREA: The finish tape will be disinfected between races. Photographers, TV, and Media will stay 20 m from the finish line. After crossing the finish line, the athletes will be directed to a first recovery area, and after they will continue to the athletes’ lounge. At the recovery area the athletes will take the water themselves. Next to the finish area the medical area will be located. Volunteers will wear face masks and sanitation of hands regularly.



Antigen Test:

  • In Aviles, Elite/U23, Juniors, Para athletes will be tested on Friday 5 November before the event according to the following schedule (tbc):
    • Elite: from 10:00 to 11:00
    • Junior: from 11:00 to 12:00
    • ParaTriathlon: from 12:00 to 13:00
  • Place – TBC


Arrival at the venue:

  • All the accredited people will access the venue, through the security gate, to guarantee the control of the people that are inside the venue.
  • All people will access the event with temperature log, access time, mask detection, and photo log.
  • Everything is stored in a file so that the data is available to the health authorities.
  • Venue and courses will be completely closed with fences and authorized personnel.
  • In the case of any suspicious case, the medical services will be notified.


Capacity Control

The venue size is around 32,000m2. Currently spectators are allowed at 70 percent of venue capacity.


Non-Essential Services

There will be no massage service.


Technical officials

The event will follow the latest published Prevention guidelines for Event Organizers for COVID-19 of the World Triathlon.


Seating Areas

There will be no spectators during the competition.


Social Distancing

The recommendations of the health authorities, World Triathlon and FETRI in their protocols will be followed.


Races & Sport Presentation

The event will follow the latest published Prevention guidelines for Event Organizers for COVID-19 of World Triathlon.




Information to be updated on due time